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Project UPFFIN

Unlocking private financial flows into nature 

Insta Associates together with Brand Conscience have research and innovation expertise to deliver a viable solution to the challenge ‘How do we unlock investment flows into natural capital, with its powerful capabilities.’

Why Us?

Project UPFFIN provides a focus programme for solving the challenge of unlocking investment flows into nature by building pilots with key natural capital stakeholders with whom we have deep relationships: e-NGOs, Farmers (clusters) and landowners, water companies, County Councils (local roads), supermarkets, and IoT and AI suppliers.  

We're an outcomes-led environmental innovation consultancy, with deep natural capital market knowledge. We have expertise in Risk, Innovation, Governance and Tech. Our work is beautiful, rigorous and provides solid foundations for global change and scale. We move fast, pulling in outstanding talent and partners as programmes evolve. 

Venture & Service building Hill Stone Wood, Defra/EA backed; K2S fund and partnering across NbS/Natural Capital; FinTech solution for Green Investments; Impact Index for product-level sustainability scoring.


University of Oxford affiliation, Oxford SBS (IBM) Exec-ed, Ox-SI Oxford Space Initiative, delivering custom education in innovation. Our Environmental scientist has a Bachelors and Masters from Oxford in Geography and Environmental Governance with field experience and certification in Regenerative Farming.


Pool of Subject Matter Expertise talent across the multidisciplined ecosystem of natural capital, many with global corporate consulting experience, deep technology, arts and sciences.


A network of networks that crosses 'worlds + silos’ and creates connection in a complex world of intermediaries and stakeholders.

Brand Conscience

Find out more about our UPFFIN partners at Brand Conscience who have created a sustainability impact index for products and offer online courses on sustainability and ethical business practices.

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