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“When people stop learning, they start leaving, so, if you’re not developing your most talented people, they’ll find a place where someone will.”

Chris Czarnik,

bestselling author of Winning the War for Talent.

In today's demanding economic, competitive, and environmental landscape, businesses and NGOs face unprecedented challenges. Leadership and employee performance are crucial to success, now more than ever. Our innovative coaching programs fast-track leadership and teams to meet their business targets and foster a culture primed for resilience against future challenges. We enhance organisational performance through practical learning and capacity building, supported by decades of experience in high-performance environments, cutting-edge methodologies, and an extensive network of experts.

Lunch and learn


Setting: Lunch and learn (Onsite or Webinar)

Length: 1 Hr

Focus: Design Thinking

Option: Keynote speaker

Innovation for Upskilling


Setting: Online webinar with live tutors

Length: 3 Hr

Focus: Learning and developing Innovation tools (Design thinking; System Thinking; Lean Business Start-up)

Option: i. Paced with internal innovation programmes ii. Additional coaching sessions iii. Keynote speakers

Innovation for Impact

Setting: Onsite

Length: ½ - 1 day

Focus: Idea to venture or service presentation with x 1 speakers

Option: i. Dragons Den presentation with budget for further investment ii. Paced with internal innovation programmes iii. Additional coaching sessions & speakers.

Bespoke Programmes

Using combinations of the above and bringing in additional keynote speakers and offsite options and Innovation Hubs. Programmes can range from 1 week to 1 year.

Programme outcomes include: Sustaining Momentum for service, product and business development; Fostering Creativity and Innovation; Skill Development; Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice; Supporting Risk-Taking; Personalized Feedback and Accountability; Network Expansion, Embedding Innovation Culture in your workplace.

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